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That could have been the Meyer Sound UPA2

There is Danley.

We're back to the UPA2 again...which is a more flexible box than the X40 in my opinion, at least they can be arrayed which means the system can be scaled up easily.

I agree with almost everything in your post, there is just one thing...I don't really see this box as a revolution, or anything special, its just another new box that will offer more of the same. A loudspeaker on a stick on a sub...that won't scale up.
There's also X42 with 60x45 coverage. That's what I preordered. I didn't get to hear it at ISE but several of my friends who are Meyer users were there and they were blown away by the clarity and power. The old UPA-1p and 2-p were not that impressive but these X40/X42 are. They're not shipping until end of March in the US.