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Sam, I totally get that in respect of the Meyer X40 we are seeing a bit of marketing spin, yet with genuine potential for progress. It's quite close to a powered version of the impressive d&b Y10p, similarly the X42 specs are close enough for rock'n'roll to a Y7p - including rotatable horns.

To paraphrase your verbiage, I'm thinking more along the lines of a medium-throw box, retaining the relative light weight, simple ease of deployment and flexible coverage option.

My enthusiasm was more directed at the potential for larger new designs, which take advantage of advances in technology to pack more output into similarly lighter, more manoeuvrable and compact packaging.

I like this design, in the way a symmetrical pair of LF drivers are packaged in concave fashion (potential for semi-horn loaded efficiency benefits?) to create a quasi-coaxial two-way. As the LF drivers get bigger, the larger the HF horn and waveguide = effective pattern control down to lower frequencies, hence less wasted energy/greater efficiency.

I appreciate there are already products capable of this kind of performance, but it seems many folks have focused on line array designs, as opposed to updating their point source catalogue.

I'm not really interested in MI boxes, they are always going to serve a bigger and different market. I'm hoping for a better pro option, for example a design with the output, flexibility and interchangeability of Arcs - but light enough to be easily put in a frame on a sturdy pole, rather than needing subs to stack or flying to work best.

I see fascinating designs from experienced semi-professionals and well-credentialled specialists, who build for the various elements of the soundsystem scene. For example boxes that pack the equivalent driver compliment and broadband directivity of a KF850 into a smaller and lighter package.

Unfortunately those interesting designs inevitably orientate towards a more industrial aesthetic, which suits that particular purpose.

My hope was that an accessible name like Meyer could package neo drivers and lightweight amps+processing into a respectable box, that could comfortably array two per side on sturdy portable stands, easily covering 400+ for speech programme - especially useful where subs are neither required nor aesthetically desirable.

I'll concede there are decent compact line array solutions for the larger mid-sized spaces, such as JBL's 4886 + 4883 - which in my experience does a decent job, even when flown as small dash arrays (as long as the V4 or 5 processing is used of course).

However the latter solution seems overly complicated, when compared with innovative solutions such as the remarkably effective and efficient Danley Synergy Horns. Unfortunately I have to drive 3 hours south, just to hear and see them...but I digress.

TL;DR - I'm sure the X40 works at least a bit better all around, compared with what came before. I'm more interested in seeing something that scales up all the weight-saving and other practical efficiencies employed in that design. I don't care who builds it, as long as it gains traction and I can actually use it!