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Old 25th February 2019
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Exclamation Signal Strength Cut In Half?!

Hey all. I've been playing out with a certain setup for awhile now and it's a crap shoot of what happens when FOH engineers plug my setup into their mixer.

My setup is this.

1. Rc 300, TC Helicon Play Acoustic, and RC 505 are all going out in multiple ways through the sub and left and right outputs.
These outs go into a mixer that I run my in ears from (this mixer has nothing to do with the FOH mix by the way as I...

2. Run the outs from the RC 300 and everything into an ART 8 channel splitter which in turn splits out to the house (it's a snake). There are two outs on the splitter for each input. The other outs on the splitter go into my own mixer for in ear monitoring.

The ISSUE is this.

About 10% of my shows I run into a huge problem. I run a nice little sound check for myself to set up my monitor mix and then I give FOH the snake which is running from the ART splitter. As soon as they plug it in their mixer, the signal is automatically cut in half! (in my headphones as well as FOH) I used to think it was because phantom power was on the FOH mixer but it turns out thats not always the case.

There was also an instance where the signal cut in half but we mixed it anyway. However as soon as we turned the speakers on it came back. LOUD and obnoxiously PROUD. This being said, it isn't always the case. So I'm thinking (hoping) it's my rig that's the problem.

This a simple setup and it works. When it works I can hear myself really well and USUALLY the FOH can work with the signals I'm sending them. I'll also add that 90% of sound engineers I've worked with have stated they love my setup cause it's pretty much like controlling a studio mix without the hassles of a computer. That's when it the issue doesn't arise though.


I've worked with Midas mixers which are no issue but i'm finding it pretty common with basically any 12 or 16 channel board that can record a performance. Smaller shows. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm also running everything wireless (instruments) but I've plugged directly in before and it didn't change anything.