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The K Micro were phantom powered condensers built into a XLR connector housing.

They sold for some insanely low price like $5 each for singles and something like $25 for matched pairs. You could save the extra $15 and simply buy singles because they were surely good enough to be a close enough match for stereo work.

I bought a pair as temporary overheads, and after testing them I wound up buying 6 more for a total of 8. Still have them too.

I tried them on several things including drums. The best use for them I found was as a Harp mic recording direct.
I was able to nail that classic 50/60's clean harp tone exceptionally well. I used one for recording a sax too. I rigged up a clip which would clip to the front of a sax and it worked like a champ. Haven't used the mics for too much more. I've mainly kept them in storage. Given the fact they typically sell for $20 each I could make a pretty good profit off them.