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I can't wait for more of this stuff to hit the markets. Finally the companies are seeing that there's quite the gap between what can be done with a sub and a top per side and a line array. For most 300-1000 cap gigs it's pretty hard to rent a nice conventional PA these days. I'm quite sure that this cute little dual 8" won't fit that bill either, but a 212 or 215 variant just might. With neodymium magnets and super light enclosures it's easier than ever to stack a nice PA alone or with two people.

I completely agree. It's a positive sign to see a top tier manufacturer building a new, modern point source box for smaller spaces, which is not potentially compromised by a design intended to pull double duties as a floor monitor.

There is definitely some need for new compact, arrayable and lightweight yet potent, stackable/pole-mount trap boxes for the mid-size room market.

There are already some (admittedly rather large) neat install solutions, such as EAW's QX series - but they don't seem to work/get used in portable hire inventory, no doubt for sensible and practical reasons.