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Old 24th February 2019
Here for the gear

Hi Didier,

sorry i missed where you said you were already skipping the beginning of files, there were many posts...

when i got that error loading the 828es file, i loaded the Hilo.wav and then the 828es.wav again. The error disappeared but apparently the tool didn't function properly, which is why my diff file was way better than yours, suspiciously close to the Hilo one. Not sure what was going on with the tool.

Anyway, by rendering the file in reaper as you did, I now get the same diff file as you do. So please disregard my post.

Still, disappointing to see the 828es < my current Ultralite < 828mk3 < 828mk2

just as I am considering getting the 828es.

Not sure how good is good enough in this regard.