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Are you thinking plugs or hardware?
Either, actually. Plugs are a bit more accessable for me because I have a better plug library than I do a hardware collection. But I am interested in seeing what hardware people are using..

Originally Posted by andychamp
Send the whole loop, not the single hits, through whatever you can think of at the moment.
It's not what kind of glue you use on them that counts, it's using the same glue on everything that gives it that integrity.
At the moment I'm experimenting a lot with reamping.
Yeah I am sending the whole loop.

Basically, once I'm done programming or arranging the whole drum track from beginning to end, I'm looking to fatten it up. I will often turn the drum mixdown into real audio and then process it from there. It usually goes back into the DAW project with plug-in inserts and sends. I'm just curious to see what others do, and what favorite effects they like to use..