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Old 23rd February 2019
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Thanks for pointing out this app. I was unaware of its existence.

Not sure I want to spend money on it though. It’s yet another “minimalist” flat fad GUI of overly simplistic & repeated shapes, thin lines, text-as-controls, and 2 or 3 solid colors. It actually looks more like an Atari ST app than something made for a modern device with powerful CPU/GPU and millions of colors & pixels.

Sigh. I can’t wait for this dumb design fad to be over. I blame Apple for dragging iOS there in the first place.

Dexed might be small on even medium-high resolution displays (like my non-retina iMac), but at least its GUI is easy to look at and feels modern. Some actual graphic design skills are on display there.
Just to point out a few things, not getting in to the simplistic look (i dislike it myself too)

1 Simple Vector UIs add little in storage size to a plugin, important on IOS.
2 Vector UIs dont take up very much RAM, on IOS there is a RAM limitation per plugin (not instance, so two of the same fall under the same restriction) and the RAM limit is calculated post image decomrpression.
3 More advanced vector UIs are hit and miss in regards to CPU on IOS, look at the horrific mess that is Audio Damage.
4 Vector UIs scale across devices, you do realise that every single device needs its own UI right, Apple change screen size like i change my tee shirts.