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Old 22nd February 2019
What to AVOID When Looking for Mastering

This should probably be the topic of a sticky in order to help unsuspecting artists from getting taken advantage of.

It just came up in another thread and I thought it should be in this sub-forum too.

I'll start:

Avoid MEs who make claims like "Grammy winning" or "Thousands of albums mastered" but don't list their credits. Check their actual credits on and (imperfect but you can get a sense).

Avoid MEs who don't list their gear or don't have believable pictures showing a legit studio. They might be using a laptop and earbuds!

I recently had a client who wasted hundreds on a complete charlatan who claimed Grammys etc., but had only 5 credits online and no gear list or real pics. It was truly the worst mastering I can recall ever hearing. I see this guy promoting himself heavily online with false claims. I hate that "MEs" like him take advantage of artists and give us all a bad name.

I hope this helps someone!