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New things seem to keep popping up all the time.

My current 'analog magic' plugins would be SoftTube Tape, Kazrog True Iron, UBK1, and Clariphonic. Between those and Soundtoys, things tend to sound less digital than before.
+1 for "tape" - I've got all the UAD tape simulations but find myself using Softube Tape more than all of them put together these days - and it only cost about £40 in a sale!

Big fan of Soundtoys too - Echoboy is just the best delay, Decapitator is awesome, Little Radiator is great for adding dirt. Crystaliser is just mental.

A compressor I never hear anyone mention is NI's Supercharger GT, despite having lots of high end alternatives I find myself using Supercharger GT wherever I want fat and warm. (great on drums and bass) worth grabbing when NI have a big sale (note "GT" - not the standard supercharger.) for people who have Komplete - GT can be bought for £20 when there's a sale on. Just do it! You won't be disappointed.