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I haven’t installed 3D in my ULN yet. (Core audio driver issues with current Macs, chased enough bugs down as it is... Curious how the beta's going overall though.) I’m assuming the 3d version of Character’s still identical to the 2d+ and/or plugin version?

I work mostly in the box so I tend to like the more colorful stuff… Some of my favorites are FET, American Transformer 2, California Tube Line, Modern Tube Sym, American Solid State, and British Mic Pre Clone.

Everything’s top notch though, very different sounding from other DSP-based saturation. Some models expanding dynamics instead of clipping things off…
Thanks, I'll do some testing. I use Reaper so will setup a few IO roundtrips through various Character channels, should be a fun way to print/test.

3D is great, btw. Rock solid for me so far (MHLink over ethernet).