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I just started an album in 9.52. Got drums, bass, and keys done on 12 songs. Am sooo tempted to upgrade, but more than a little scared.

It sounds like you can save as version 9; which would save what I've got. Say I start tracking in 10 and run into problems. Can you save what you've done and go back to 9? How stable is 10? Running maybe 40 at most audio tracks.
What I do is save a version of the song as songX_DP10.dpdoc This way if you run into a crippling bug you can go back to the version that you 100% know will open in DP9.

Warning to all really, DP10 takes over preferences for DP9, mostly it doesn't mess them up, but control surface support is hosed. This might be because I'm running a Slate Raven though, which requires extensive control surface support. The workaround to getting the Raven working in DP10 is to open DP9, then the Raven, close 9 then open 10, which might be the real reason the preferences in 9 are messed up.