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2017 I bought DP 9.5. The last time I used DP was version 3! I made a living then off of DP for about 6 years. The last time I used it in 2005, I couldn’t afford to port all of my plug-ins to the latest DP that paired with the brand new OSX. So I stayed where I was. Now I work for my own pleasure and I have the latest DP.

I also bought Logic in 2017. Mainly because it paired with my Kontakt Komplete 11 and the S61 keyboard. It was maddening trying to learn Logic but I eventually got going.

Looking at DP 9.5 I was initially very underwhelmed and surprised where it was 7 editions later. But I started using it again. And here is where I am going to tell you why Digital Performer is a very professional software. This is a program that sits on a bedrock of development stretching back to the 90’s. As well, I have not seen any DAW out of the box that has the quality stock plug-ins that DP has.

I knew that I would probably not mix in Logic fairly quickly. DP offers a faster workflow and I want to say a more professional finished product. Lots of DAW’s offer a faster way to get going as a sketch pad for songs and I find Logic to be so. Especially the Drummer feature and how that locks to the arrangement markers. And that is all well and good for a program that is around $200.

That really isn’t DPs strength though. It is in project management and heavy lifting on a stable platform. That is as it seems a not so shiny new feature to DP; so people are not mesmerized by it. But when you are running 48 plus tracks in a DAW with a lot of plug-ins (including the mastering chain), DP is there for you. And they offer stock plug-ins that I would feel completely comfortable using if I owned none other.

I never used the clippings or sound bites windows in DP but with the new features of just drag and drop and the control over track play time, automation, order etc.. and the ability to just play those from my Maschine pads, I am totally there. That to me is the big reveal for DP 10 and it is brilliant.

15 years ago you chose a DAW and you stuck with it. Nowadays, we can use DAWs just for one particular strength, which I think is great. But I think comparing DP to another program that is in that $200 range and is primarily strong in one aspect (DJing and beat making for sure) is very short sighted. DP offers a hell of a lot more and it should for the money and the history of the program.

So use what you want for whatever you like but please don’t compare apples to oranges. When you look under the hood of these DAWs, DP is still a top 3 contender in sound, reliability and fast workflow.