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The LCD display links a few posts above were recommended by a couple of guys on the Andromeda facebook page. Both of those displays seem to be of similar quality and price, and were suggested rather than the cheaper BuyDisplay brand which apparently has a narrower viewing angle and is of lower build quality. Also apparently there are some slight differences in the height of those replacement LCD displays that means they sit slightly lower behind the screen than the original, although it seems to be only a slight issue for most. Sorry I can't add more, but hope that helps a little.
OK, I finally remembered to circle back to your post, as promised, and provide a little insight to your proposed LCD mod. Sorry for the delay.

First and foremost, the LCD screen in the Muff Wiggler thread looks terrible, IMO. The recommended choices you provided should look much better. However, at $53 for the Newhaven display, that's pretty salty for something already in the A6. While it may not be the best, most-contrasty display, it does indeed work. But I understand the need for something better. I believe the blue/white display would look great. I replaced a failing LCD on my yellow Waldorf Q with the negative blue/white display, and it looks fantastic. Waldorf did include these types of displays, I believe, in the Phoenix editions.

Anyway, both LCD's you listed have the same voltage requirements except for the actual LCD portion and contrast adjustment. Both have +5V for logic and +3.5V for the backlight. The Newhaven display uses a negative value for contrast/operation, at -7.5V'ish, and the MIDAS display uses a positive at 12V'ish. I believe the Newhaven with the negative value should be compatible with the A6's design.

My recommendation, if you go forward with the mod, is to get the Newhaven display not only for better compatibility, but it has a better datasheet overall. The MIDAS datasheet seems a little phoned-in.

EDIT: In regards to your question about 6/8 or 8/8 character size, I would just turn up the contrast to full and count the number of horizontal dots each alphanumeric character uses. Use a magnifying glass or loupe. I want to say it's 6/8 off the top of my head as the characters seem a little narrow rather than wide.