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Yes if it were not for the couple of tolls this could be a very good source of information. Motu has emailed me personally about some software issue I had posted in GS so they seem to be paying attention. I have my own personal wish list which I would go into if not for certain people attacking Motu's credibility as a company. Really, people who run that course are the ones with no credibility. Companies have real people with feelings running them. MOTU works hard to have great products just like all the other DAW companies. The kind of dysfunctional angry attacking that goes on in GS is the reason lots of professions have given up even looking at it. I am one of those that hardly even bothers any more. Some of the trolls that visit the GS forums have already been booted off other forums. GS is way too lenient.
Running the DP10 demo, trying to learn as much as I can. So far very impressed, partially as I used Performer as a sequencer all through the 80s/90s and it feels a little like home to me, though it's still a lot to learn as I've been in PT and lately Cubase 10.

So far the only things that are kind of hard to get used to is where I click in the tracks window, if I'm not REALLY carefully I highlight (huge column extends down the window) rather than just looking for the cursor to change into the little green indicator for locating. I wish more DAWS acted like PT and allowed you to just click anywhere in the main window for locating.

Feature wise the only thing I'm really missing is options in the bounce dialog PT and Cubase, where you can bounce the main mix, as well as any individual outputs, busses or tracks.

Overall though I really find it impressive and will just have to plow through and learn as I go....