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Having Problems with my Cubase Projects at the end of Mixing. Working with a Steinberg ur22mk2 on a Laptop with SSD and 32gb RAM. Im mixing at 4096 Samples and wanted to ask if the ZOOM could give me more Power - like 8192 Samples. Im workin at 24bit / 48khz - the zoom is out for 150€ on ebay and i need to know if that would be an Upgrade or if i should invest in some other parts. cant get firewire, PCI or Thunderbolt Interfaces :/

thanks so far!
I would NOT make that move. Here's why. If you are running Cubase, then really if you are going to get a new interface you should really only consider the Steinberg models from 242 and up. The reason is what they call True Integrated Monitoring. It provides the most ridiculous latency free monitoring you can imagine. You can run your system with 5 seconds of latency and then right before you print your mix suddenly decide to overdub a vocal and all you have to do is plug in a mic and change NOTHING and there will be ZERO latency. It's not like hardware monitoring or using a third party app. It's fully integrated meaning you can do whatever you want with faders, sends, panning, whatever, in real time and everything is seamless.

As for your horsepower issue, I think you are trying to solve it the wrong way. First thing would be to optimize your system. If you are running a bunch of other crap on there, anti-virus, and whatnot, then they are all sucking power. If your computer is double-duty (music and regular person stuff) so you can get rid of all that crap, then you need to use the "render" feature in Cubase. Any VST instruments, render them. As you mix, if you still run out of horsepower, start rendering individual channels when you are happy with them. Just leave the stuff that will need final tweaking un-rendered. That will solve your horsepower problems.