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Old 18th February 2019
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It's so sad having to use another program just to edit in staff view.
I always liked Cakewalk in several aspects, but this sonar Platinum is a bit too complicated and makes me feel stupid.
Where are the buttons to select the note duration?
Do I have to go up and select under the draw tool the duration in a drop down menu every time I want notes with different durations? It's so uncomfortable
Am I forgetting to show any menu?

Is there a more human menu to edit in the Staff view in Cakewalk Sonar Platinum?

What DAW (with all those daw functions) would you recomend that's also good for Staff editing?

Thanks in advance
Hello, androclave!

I take you are NOT seeing something like this (screen grab from latest free Bandlab/Cakewalk version of what we used to call Sonar...)