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2) I want to see ALL the filters' info on the screen at once with their own individual peak and GR meters, in addition to a responsive real time analyzer that shows all the data I want. It's a lot of info to take in, and that's why a lot of dynamic EQs don't show as much info, but I really appreciate the layout and how much info it gives you, and you can customize how much is visible so you can focus on one thing at a time, or see everything at once.

8) It must sound good of course. Well, it does.
Yes to all your points, but these two really do it for me. You can get results super quickly in regular daily use. And even when I'm doing fairly serious correction on problem sources, dEQ doesn't add or create any problems of its own. The compression they are using for the bands works extremely well to tame problem frequencies without being audible. I've tried many other dynamic EQs, and dEQ seems better in this area. Also, the EQ portion alone is very good.