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Without hearing the drum track I'm not going to tell you how to eq it. But using transient designer and or parallel compression can help. BTW rather than poorly recorded it may be the drummers not great. If the drummer hits like a wuss it may come down to retriggering and mixing the sample in
I’m actually realizing that this is closer to the truth. Some passages (very few) actually have pretty decent beater definition and low end oomph, while the vast majority sound like the dude gently rested his toe on the front skin. Lots of double hits (not the cool kind) and generally bizarre stuff going on. I think it’s a combination of bad tuning, bad micing, and not-that-great playing.
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I’ve gotten pretty good results now by using a combination of the techniques posted here: Some multing, some parallel compression, and some transient modeling. I am going to have to use samples on one cut, though, and the kick is so light (with lots of cross-bleed in the mic) that I’m not sure how well it’s going to track – we’ll see.
Thanks all very much for the great help.