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1) "Filter icon: shift key + mouse wheel slows down change of Q"

This is great to have, but current setting seems a bit slow. It would be better IMO if it was the same rate as when using shift on the Q slider in the lower GUI. They move by around 0.022 with fine-control, however on the nodes it seems to be movements of 0.010. With the nodes it has become a bit too much fine-control

2) Alt + mousewheel on nodes changes the threshold. It would seem to make sense to have fine-control here aswell with Alt + Shift + Mousewheel.

3) Using the mouse-wheel on the lower and side bars of the main EQ graph zooms the analyser in and out. Maybe have Alt + left-click on the bars to zoom back out fully (as Alt is the general UI reset modifier). Double click might be another option.

4) With the Gain-Reduction meters on the lower gui, it would be great to have a right-click menu to double the zoom of the range. At the moment doing even 5dB of GR only shows up less than a cm. The suggestion is just for the GR part not the Peak, and it would make sense if implemented that the menu choice would effect all GR meters at once.
Thank you for our suggestions. Implementation should not be a big problem