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The Moog One thread made me start considering the cheaper but still very expensive analog polys, the Modal 008 or Andromeda.

From what I keep reading online, the Andromeda had a bad batch or two but reliable ones have remained very reliable apart from unfinished OS?
Absolutely right. I have owned 3. Sold the first one when I needed money. Bought the second and picked it up 800 miles away. Sold that one to my friend when I found a third in better physical condition. All three are still working perfectly. I thought I had a problem with the third one (a voice wasn't registering) but my tech reloaded the firmware and it works perfectly again. They are phenomenal synths. I have a Baloran River and a Jupiter 8 (among other great synths) and the Andromeda is one of my absolute favorites. I will keep it as long as I continue to make music.