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Glad you pointed out those other features out @ uarte , it just made me dig into the menus a bit more. Some good stuff in there!

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Now I just wish it had IN/OUT meters. Right now you have the output gain/trim slider, which is great, but it would be nice to see vertical in/out meters along the side too so I know if my EQ settings are causing problems, etc., etc.. I don't mean to sound greedy, as this plugin is already great, and you are clearly a very responsive developer constantly improving your products. But if there's anything big missing on both gEQ12 and dEQ6, for me at least, it's just vertical in/out meters along the side.
If TBPro does add meters hopefully he would implement RMS/ averaging into them and have 'in vs out' next to each other. I`m not a big fan of when plugs put input meter way over to the left and output meter way on the right, as it makes comparison more clumsy. Maybe it could be another menu/ hideable option that pops a panel out into the upper graph screen on the right about a cm or something?

Apart from some shortcut and cosmetic stuff, my personal request I made via PM was for a global wet/dry slider to be put under the main output gain slider on the right. Just to help to add some transients back in after the compression of the bands sometimes.

Also turns out you can use DEQ6 as a virtual wide-band compressor by just using band 1 as high-shelf on 10Hz. Parallel mix from a global wet/dry slider would be great in this case too!

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