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Here for the gear

Thank you for your time akebrake!

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Only if they happen to coincide with the positions of source/ listener.
A "mapping" of the nulls in the room is helpful here.
Yes! I tried to find a balance of the listener positions potentia problems. A mapping of the nulls? Playing a sine wave at each freq and measuring spl every 2 feets like in a virtual mesh algong all the the walls and ceiling?

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What kind of walls/ceiling floor? Concrete/plaster,wood? Opening to other room?
Wood floor over concrete slab, painted brick walls, closed room with sealed (and super heavy) door.

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How much treatment are you prepared to add to this room?
Easily removable Traps like Gobos, framed panels, or more stationary sttached to walls and ceiling?
I'll do what it takes to make the bass and drum kick sound great. I'll go to the point of diminishing returns with the rest. Fixed or built monstruous things in the corners and ceiling are not a problem, there is enough space. For the rest of the surfaces mobile traps.