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Here for the gear

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Speaking for myself and as I've heard from others, my preferred demo method is a 14 day full function trial. The plugin gets in to your workflow this way, and by then I've mixed a track or two with it and wouldn't want to be without when the time trial is up. I've bought plugins I don't really like out of this because it was in a session and worked for it.

Having said that, I only really trial the Sonimus stuff to make sure everything is working and in order on my machine and pull the trigger same day because it's always so good.
I agree, we should improve our demo versions in the short term.

This method requires much more work, because may be easier to hack by a cracker. Maybe an easy way (for us) is to release our products under i lok, in this case, by just expiring the license would be enough, but... mmh, nah... I don't think so...

By the way, we apologize for that, in the near future we will improve our demos to be fully functional trials