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Old 14th February 2019
Here for the gear

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Really loving this but ran it through DDMF Plugin Doctor and noticed something odd. The EQ module exhibits cramping at nyquist (HF in Bell) which is troubling as none of the other Sonimus EQs including StonEQ 4k have this issue.

I've sent a report to the Sonimus Support people but can't attach screenshots so I'm posting them here (and have asked them to check out this thread)

Basically the Plugin Doctor overlay shot is only the demo version of the CS EQ and the StonEQ (without any drive) both doing an 8db boost at 15k - you can clearly see the bell of the StonEQ (pink) acts as it should whereas the CS EQ (Green) warps sharply. I've also attached individual plots of both doing an 8db boost at 8k.

Hope this can be solved! Great product!
Hi superwack,

There is nothing to fix, what you see is the oversampling filter.
It does not affect the sound at all because it's linear phase and it is above 20 khz.

The standalone StonEQ 4k version doesn't have oversampling, Anyway, you can disable the SatsonCS oversampling.