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I was watching the Box 2, just not understanding what the interest of a console is without EQ and compression on every channel. Is there some type of sound from the summing or just the thrill of having hands on. Maybe I'm asking for too much on something with a smaller footprint.
Nothing wrong with that thought, everyone works a little different. I hardly ever EQ when tracking, if something's not working I move the mic or change it out. I do compress during tracking a fair amount, but not enough to ever need it on every channel. On The Box consoles, you can technically have both EQ and compression on up to 2 channels at once. You can put an EQ in the 500 slot and route the buss compressor to any of the first 4 channels. With how I work, that's more than enough for me.

In terms of summing, especially with API it's a pretty subtle sonic thing. The tactile "hands on" thing shouldn't be completely ignored, it is nice to grab onto things and get your face out of a computer screen at some stages of the recording/mixing process.

More than anything, something like The Box is meant to be a hub for a smaller studio and helps integrate all your gear together in a nice looking centerpiece. If you need 16-24 channels with EQ and compression on every channel, you better have a hefty budget for something nice... I would be blowing a LOT of money moving up to even something like a 1608, there's just way too many features that will never get used with my workflow. The Box is meant to be an extremely stripped back console (feature wise) while still giving your the meat and potatoes of what most DAW based, smaller studio engineers are looking for. If it doesn't make sense to you, it's probably the wrong choice for your situation!