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Ya well... I was saying the same thing a few months back about them making an 8 channel box. I think they've realized that the Box is a gateway drug to the 1608, and there's plenty of people moving up. Check out Red Barn Studio in Springdale, Arkansas. Jason is about 4 hours from me and just sold his Box for a 1608. All that to say, I take back a lot of comments I made about API being paranoid about Box sales stomping on the 1608. I don't think they're worried.

I like the idea of a 16 channel box in the future, but I'm wondering how much more the internal power supply can handle before it needs to be beefed up to an external box? 16 full channels with 500 slots in them? There can't be that much of a power difference between that and the 1608?
External powe supply is another great idea,