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Old 13th February 2019
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Just got around to trying it out finally. I own most of the Sonimus plugins so wasn't sure this would bring anything new. It definitely does. The compressor is one of my faves and I was able to do a quick kit mix with just CS. I can follow it with Neutron's parametric for trouble spots. But other than that it's fantastic. I used an instance on the drum bus as well as all the FX returns. The subtlety can stack up beautifully or you can really push it. The gain compensation on the volume fader is really well done too and I'm glad that's there for when you want to push in to the preamp more. The EQ feels more aggressive/useful than StonEQ and StonEQ is great - but whatever changes (if any) they did were in the right direction.

I'll definitely be buying. I do want to run a few more tests tonight though.

It's a bummer the Sonimus stuff doesn't get as much forum excitement as Waves.