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Thank you for entirely missing the point of my post. As you were.
Let me guess second time. You are internet forum product specialist providing him your valuable opinion on how to improve his product. Right? Yeeeaahh i see this is a trend lately.

It's not rocket science. Developer tried to explain to you that they are not cloning existing devices but as can be seen from your response you keep getting at him trying to explain him what a product he developed - actually is - by your opinion.

Even after he explained his goal with this product you keep teaching him what for you - channel strip is. And somehow you think by buying his product you can act like this. Let me be clear your opinion is not unimportant even to me. I am just finding it very sad seeing people teaching developer what his newly released product - should be. By their standards.

Which is why i responded that this clearly isn't for you.

You know what. Just don't bother. Forget it.