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It would be cool if in the future, they made it even more "modular". Maybe have the left side as two, 4 channel buckets where you can choose to have the 4 API preamp channels with the 500 series slots above (Like it is now), and order 4 more channels later if you're tight on money. Same with right side, you can either order the 16 channel summing section, or 2 more buckets of the left side full 4 channel so you could have 16 mic preamps like 127riot suggested with the picture above.

That would give people a lot of option come order time, or allow people to build it as they go and save some money. I'm kind of surprised they discontinued the V1, but it was probably financially unfeasible to build both models and keep both sizes around.
I agree 100%. Imagine a Box that can have two 4 pre sections per side or two 8 summing channels per side, but you could start with just what you need. Make the Box fully custom with 4 pre or 8 summing channel section options. The sections are easily swap-able as of now, just make the Box frame equal on both sides and easy to upgrade. One user could have 32 summing channels, another 16 preamp channels, another 8 pre and 16 summing, another 4 pre and 24 summing.

People could buy the basic box with 4 preamps or 8 summing and the rest empty, then add what they need.