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Old 13th February 2019
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Originally Posted by Wiggy Neve Slut View Post
24 ch is mandatory for me but feel they’d be loath to do that for fear of canibalising 1608 sales .
The Box version 2 is 24 channels but I could see them doing a full 16 preamp version Box similar to as @ 127Riot posted. I can't see them doing more than 16 as they have the 1608 for that. I also don't see any of the Box options cutting into 1608 sales, if anything the Box is a gateway for many to a 1608.

API the Box was selling at about 1 a week before v2, that's a consistent sales number that provoked API in doing the Box v2, 1608 II and the new 2448, showing API there is a market for for The Box, 1608, and something between (2448) the 1608 and Legacy.

At this point I'm just surprised API does not offer the Box in 4 channel, 8 channel and a 16 channel options as 127Riot posted, they could corner the home pro market as SSL has nothing competitive under $25K and Neve have nothing under $45K.