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Hi bleen, thanks for asking

You shouldn't think about Satson Chanel strip as a pure SSL channel strip because Satson Channel Strip is not a clone of any one console.

Although the modules are inspired by certain equipment, each has their own personality. Sonimus never tries to make exact replicas of existing hardware.

Our products have a unique sound and workflow because of this.

Our goal isn't to try and be everything to everyone. This means we may omit certain features from hardware that we don't think are absolutely neccessary. Above all else, we are targeting users who have a trained ear and are tired of using plugins that sound "like a plugin". We invest almost all our budget in developing the product to make sure it will sound as analog as possible and will sit well in a mix.

I am sure if you try demo version for Satson Channel Strip you can determine if the product will meet your needs.


Originally Posted by bleen View Post
Giving this a quick go on a drum performance I tracked today and I'm REALLY impressed; any plans for adding additional modules like gate/expander and perhaps the channel compressor from the SSL strips? It's a different character than the bus comp as anyone that's worked on an SSL will be able to relate to.

Also, any plans to add parameter mapping to the Avid S3/S6? Right now, only the bypass appears (or is that a demo limitation?).