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Well that was enlightening. I skipped ahead to 2 hours 45 minutes in and was impressed how well the track stood up with 17 plug-ins stacked in Ableton Live... 17! I honestly didn't know that was possible.

Then he took his shirt off...

(Sorry Muzz, just yankin' yer chain a little )
I took my shirt off? I hope I removed that video... lol. *EDIT* oh wow, I did. Hot stuff! It must have been summer. At least, I didn't forget that I was streaming, and get fully nude... you guys would be jerkin it!

*EDIT again* --it looks like more plugins than it was... 12 were activated at one point (4 or 5 were groupings in ableton), and several of those got turned off before end result. My mastering work has come a long way, since then... but I think the video did show some decent techniques.

Since then, I've moved to REAPER... and I generally run less plugins unless they're smaller things (like Airwindows plugins... which may have been the case in the video you speak of, if there was 17 plugins). The airwindows plugins do very little processing (both CPU, and math algorithms) -- so you can use more of them, they do 1 specific thing, and there are less BITs lost (so 17 plugins in sequence, all airwindows... isn't going to sound bad, especially after the new ditherfloat update).

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TheMuzzl3 is on youtube teaching mastering outdoors

After the aforementioned has been stated, it sounded like I wasn't "teaching mastering," so much in that video, as I was "experimenting with different possible techniques that I was searching for." I haven't really done "teaching" streams too much, and if I did mislabel the title... I may have decided to do experiments instead. There is one, I believe, where I run through a chain... but I can't stream with my normal chain (CPU issues -- which is not as bad, now that I use REAPER -- still, OBS eats up 20-50% CPU). Still a noob on OBS... eventually, I'll stream and just show chains of work that I previously did (instead of going through the process from start to 50% finished).

My recent streams are experiments with Airwindows uLaw. Its much more entertaining than me taking my shirt off.

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oh man. you couldn't make this stuff up.
Correction, YOU couldn't make this stuff up. :P

Me? I gets paids$ whilez teachin yous foo'z & takinz my shirtz offseses.

I accept donations )