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Here for the gear

Acoustic measurements of an odd shaped rehearsal room.

Hi! I'm Ray from Mexico City.
Attached you can find an image describing my rehearsal room and my first measurements with REW.For the measurements I'm using a calibrated mic (Dayton) EMM-6, a focusrite interface and a Motus Bass rig wich is flat from 40Hz to 10kHz

I'm trying to follow general guidelines regarding room measurement as well as I can.

Let me start with some findings from my research and experiment. Any advice, confirmation or bulling to my conclusions is welcome!.

- Room is not rectangular. So, calculating room modes is not so easy without expensive software.
- I suppose to aim for a flat freq response but it is most important to achieve a consistent decay time.
- In a control room you position your speakers in the best place possible first, then set the mic where your head will be and start measuring. In a rehearsal room you have a lot of things that will change. Position of the sound sources and the people are not fixed.
- I'm a bass player and a bass cabinet designer and builder, so for me the bass treatment is going to be a priority.
- There are a lot of possible placements for my bass rig but really there is only few that are practical. So I picked the one that I liked the most by ear.
- The place where I stand is my sweet spot or my measurement point.
- The most important "sound quality" to be achieved should be 1) How the bass player hears the bass rig 2)How they bass player hears the kick drum 3)how the drummer hears the bass.

So, looking at the graphs I have BIG questions.

Should I try to chase and correct every single peak or null?
How to choose what are the most offending ones?
Should I forget freq response and try to control decay times of the bass region?

What your experienced eyes can see en those graphs?
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Acoustic measurements of an odd shaped rehearsal room.-music_room.jpg   Acoustic measurements of an odd shaped rehearsal room.-ba_bp.jpg   Acoustic measurements of an odd shaped rehearsal room.-ba_bp_t60.jpg   Acoustic measurements of an odd shaped rehearsal room.-ba_bp_wf.jpg