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Old 12th February 2019
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Originally Posted by Wiggy Neve Slut View Post
I’m jonesing for box2 very much.
Me too....I can't come close to afford it but I keep reading these threads and looking at the API site and Sweetwater, etc....If those sites were the glossy brochures I used to get in the late 80's, the gloss would be starting to wear off by now....It really gets bad when I listen to the couple demos on youtube people posted with audio going through the box - Definition, Depth, Punch, Space, such a nice sounding top end!.....UURGH!....I'd rather have this and the new Chandler TG mic than UA/Slate emu fest with a million options in the virtual world...But yeah, the jonesing is so bad, it reminds me of when I was 20 and got my first loan for a $3000 original ADAT....moon