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A friend of mine works for Phillips and it's a pretty popular thing in the medical field. A lot of machines like MRIs or scanners have additional functionality built in but it's a few thousand more to unlock it if you want that functionality. So when a doctor buys it, Phillips sends my buddy to the hospital to enter the unlock code for that particular function. I guess in the long run it's cheaper and easier to build it fully functional and then cripple it rather than have to send a tech to install new circuit boards and stuff and test it, etc when a feature is added. Also less downtime for the machine. Of course, for the medical field this method makes sense.

Like I said before, they make it sound "customizable" but when you look at the features you realize it's not very customizable and they instead grouped it into 3 packages and put at least one desirable feature in each package so in the end you pay extra to get all the packages just to get the few features you want. It seems less like, "Pay for the machine you want" and more like selling you a crippled machine so it looks cheap on paper and then you pay more to make it the machine it was supposed to be.
Yes, we grouped it in 3 packages instead of 1 for example. The level of desire of particular feature is based on your preference, as you write, you would not use the Dry/Wet and some find it essential. I cannot predict which function is "desirable" for particular client, but I want the expansions to be affordable and make the compressor grow with you as you get to know him.
As you can see, there are as many views on this as posts are here and even more.
The basic feature set is not crippled, it's bigger then many of much more expensive VCA compressors out there.