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That's the stuff no one thinks about. I have an open back rack right near my seat position and I always stand up and reach behind it and just patch everything manually with short xlr cables. I have a ton of 1-3' ones. Takes seconds, really.

A buddy of mine was like, "You really should get a patch bay for all your equipment. I was like, "A professional patchbay like a switchcraft is almost $1000. Then I need a slew of really well made TT cables, because you don't buy a thousand dollar patchbay to use hosa. The DB25 cables I need to attach all the gear I have easily is going to run another $1000, at least. By the time the dust settles, I've laid out probably close to $2500 just so I don't have to get out of my chair and attach cables in the back."

You have to run ALL the numbers before you do anything because it's amazing how much the stuff you don't consider, adds up.
This weekend I was packing up my studio for storage and thinking “I must have spent $1 million dollars on cables