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I wish people would just watch the very short instructional videos or have a look at the very short (4 pages) manual.

1. You can program modulation via CC's per step. I don't need this personally as I would rather simply turn knobs in real-time, but I imagine many people are attracted to this.

2. You can use chords with the chord function. Personally I would rather use X-Fer Cthulu which works using one track if I needed to have chords on one track. I'm pretty fine with recording something in logic then just going over it again slaved to Logic. Works well for me.

3. It is 8 tracks of 32 steps visually at a time. But to say it's a 32 step limit is like saying the Elektron machines or Social Entropy Engine is a one track and 16 step limit. It is very simple to make chains, extending your sequence which can be later chained together to quickly make entire compositions. Very simple and easier/faster for me compared to the Elektron song mode (which I was also happy with).

4. Most people aren't using these types of sequencers to play piano parts. For that I'd just record it in Logic alongside the sequencer. But again, my intention is to use it in conjunction with a DAW when needed. Play to the strong points of both.

Ideally this is the perfect drum sequencer for a Vermona DRM1 Mk- because you have visual feedback for all the tracks at once and it's super fast and easy to program on it. But it's also super fast and easy to make tracks with or without drums in my experience. Previously I used Elektron machines to compose on (when not only in a DAW).

It's conceptually very different than the Deluge and there's no real overlap besides both having a grid. I thought the build quality of the Deluge I have (still need to sell the thing) is actually pretty good. Surprisingly so even.
I'll give ya $tree.fiddy for it