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Buddha, really helpful advice on the panning and double tracking the lower parts, I really would never have thought to do that but it makes sense!

when i was a junior assistant in the midd 80s one of the first projects i worked on was a Big Band.

Drums, Double bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Grand Piano, Hammond organ, a lead singer, 2 backing singers, and 13 Brass all going down Live.

we had to put up those theatre Blacks (wall coverings) to absorb some of the sound, as it all went down in a single live room. those Jazzers like playing together.

we had a Neve console and a Studer A800mk3 and good mics.

when we mixed, i was lucky to be assisting a big shot from the UK, who was very good, so i learnt a lot from him.

later i did lots of brass work myself. i love a brass section. excellent things.