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Old 8th February 2019
Here for the gear
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Some really great advice. I suspected going into this post that the over arching focus would be on proper panning, microphone placement, and room acoustics but did not feel like I had the skills or understanding to be convinced it was that.

Mattias, great advice with the slight changes to miking as well as the insight about using the Neve vs. API!

Buddha, really helpful advice on the panning and double tracking the lower parts, I really would never have thought to do that but it makes sense!

I have the Advanced Audio CM49 which is a really convincing take on the classic M49. I do not really have a high quality small diagram microphone (my studio projects small diagram pair is fine but not the quality that Advanced Audio and Royer has) so I guess I will try recording with both the ribbon and large diaphragm condenser and see which ones sound better.

Follow up questions:

1. Are there any effective panning plugins or are there any built into Logic Pro to assist me with panning ease or should I just use the panning control on each track?

2. When adding Reverb, is it best to add it to each track separately (I think this would be a big resource hog) or add it to the whole mix in the stereo out?

3. One challenge I have always faced is knowing how to set volume levels, in general should I be setting my mic level so it is peaking in yellow or should I be leaving more headroom? I often rely on what I hear in headphones to get level and I do not think this is correct. I realize this should be a basic procedure but it seems to always give me trouble. More often then not I feel like the sound seems distant and not as present when I set volume but whenever I turn up it does not seem to fix things.