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Hi. i have recorded lots of trumpets.

the starting place is a good condenser mic.

pencil condensers work well when you have a horn section and are close MIC-ing. at about a foot or less.

trumpets have a lot of top end so i prefer condensers to ribbons. ribbons will soften the sound, and have less snap.

if you multi track in mono and pan the tracks to different positions in the stereo spread you should be able to get a good sound happening.

short reverbs if the track is fast, and longer reverbs if the track is slow.

double track the low parts and pan them left and right, and leave the top trebble trumpet up the center.

there are some good SDC condensers like AKG 391 which are good on trumpet. also the AKG-451eb.
moving upmarket you can get Neumann KM84s and the newer KM184s.

large diaphram condensers are also an option, but are not as directional and will pick up a lot of the room, and if the room is not treated then that might not help.

so i suggest close MICing, with a Small Diaphram Condenser, in mono, double tracking the bass parts, and creating a stereo spread via panning, and dont kill it with reverb. Less is more theory on the Verb.

you will need a reasonable compressor as well to keep the levels tight.

hope that helps Buddha