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You are tripping, they were much better singers than New Edition. New Edition had hotter tracks and better production though. Dudes covered a Jackson 5 song and did it better than the Jackson 5. Give them props.
Very rarely are remakes better than the originals.

I probably can count on one hand the remakes that are better than the originals

1) I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU - WHITNEY HOUSTON (slayed Dolly Parton's version)

2) CRUISIN' - D'ANGELO (Smokey's version was cool but that weed elevated D'Angelo's voice to soar and that sh*t is better than Smokey's version)

3) AIN'T YOU HAD ENOUGH LOVE - PHYLIS HYMAN (better than the Loose Ends/Julie Roberts' version) Original: | Remake by Phylis Hyman:

4) IRREPLACEABLE - BEYONCE (Original was by Ne-Yo Link: )

5) I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU - Charlie Wilson (better than Mario Barnett and Glenn Lewis' versions) | | Glenn Lewis' version:

Mario Barnett's version: