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Trumpet recording questions

Hello fellow Slutz!

I am a professional trumpet player who has for years played "wanna be recording engineer" in my home for my own projects. I try and do lots of research on various approaches and in general I have found that there is very little shared guidance on recording brass instruments. The only thing I do is record myself playing trumpet (trumpet ensemble pieces and arrangements written and played by all trumpets) and was hoping that some more seasoned people on here could explain some things to me.....

1. I often record trumpet ensemble arrangements (all trumpets) where I am playing each part and tracking each part on a separate mono audio track. I use a Royer R10 into an Apollo twin using Logic Pro X. My main issue is that overall I feel like I do not have any depth and there is a sense of sound stacking that is not pleasant to the ear. I record each track as a mono and I keep the microphone off center and about 2 feet away. I cannot seem to get the sound of the recording to have any clarity, depth, and spatialness to it. What might be the issue with this setup? Is it a phasing issue and why might the sound of the recording be lacking in depth and spatial clarity?

2. What plugins should I be using on the tracks? Do I use them on the individual track or as a bus or stereo out? I have the NEVE, API, Ocean Way, and some others from Universal Audio as well as the Logic Pro built in ones. To be honest I am still learning how to even use these amazing plugins and I would rather be more conservative than try and overpower the mix with plugins but still need to have some understanding of how to make my dry tracking mix have more depth, clarity, and resonance.

3. Speaking of stereo, since I am recording all parts mono what is the best way to create the stereo sound that I am looking for? I guess this ties into question #1 .

4. I realize this is a rather unique setup with me recording all trumpets exclusively so I do not expect a lot of responses but overall if anyone has any over arching suggestions for mixing trumpets like this I would love to get some advice.

Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to getting some responses!