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Here for the gear

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I have a presonus subwoofer, and I am pleased. So......

I also have a pair of Mackie HR624 MkII for my monitors, which got a ton of negative reviews for failing. Both are solid though, QC is never a guarantee for mid to budget level equipment.

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Im a proud owner of their small Eris monitors. Best $100 I've spent in awhile. Thanks Presonus. You're undoubtedly fantastic!

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I have Sceptres S8 , no problems and they sound very good.

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I have the Presonus Sceptre S8's and the Temblor T10 and they sound great. I've had them for many years and they are still kickin' strong.

Wow... These are some seriously crappy and quite frankly annoying responses to a guy clearly having an absolute nightmare... Has anybody read his messages properly?? Or do you guys work for presonus ?? He is not talking much about the quality of the product but the customer service, or lack of, he is receiving from presonus.

As some one who is new to this scene, and had the Presonus Eris E5 for about a week.. While I am absolutely THRILLED with them, and about to add the Temblor T10 - this is a major concern, as things go wrong... customer service is important, VERY important to me.

I feel for you cwhiley, I hoe very much you managed to get this sorted, if I was in your position, I would be STEAMING also.

All the best mate.