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Sequencing was all done on M1 too. Everything... sequence and all sounds. They walked in with their M1 with the complete music track finished. We'd record the individual tracks to tape dry and added efx from the studio's outboard.

There were S900s, S1000s, and S1100s around and SP1200 drum machines, but those got used more on new jack and freestyle by the remixers.

I worked with Cynthia. Recorded and produced the vocals for Pledging All My Love.

I had her in the vocal booth for 16 hours to nail all the tracks. She was great to work with. Tons of punch ins, even on single consonants. There are something like 21 tracks of background vocals. We did a rough mix of the song, flew it down further on the 24-track tape and put it on two tracks. SMPTE was always on track 24, so that gave us 21 tracks to layer bkg vox tracks. All the bkg vox were mixed to 2-track and then flown in by hand - took a few tries to get it to lock in right - to two tracks of the song on the 24-track tape from a 2-track reel-to-reel.