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SKnote release TwinR Tube Guitar Amplifier - A detailed model from pickup to speaker.

Available for all the main platforms (VST/AU/AAX/Mac/Win/32/64 bit), TwinR is the emulation of one of the most revered guitar amplifiers of all times.

Developed on the deepest possible component level (guitar pickup, preamplification, final stages, power supply, transformer, speakers) without the use of any "black-box" sampling systems, completed with a dynamic model of the cabinet and speakers and with a list of possible microphone models and positions, with an internal Tremolo (100% real circuits, as a final stage bias control modulation), an internal spring reverb (with tube buffering/driving), two options for the guitar pickup, TwinR is a pleasure to play and a treasure for re-amping engineers.
The internal "Tone Stack" (three bands EQ), modeled on a component level, offers great control on the sound, starting from the famous "scooped mids" balance.

From clean sounds to overdriven. Great on virtual or hardware effects like overdrive and modulations.

On the clean side: this is our friend Ennio having some fun with two passes through two settings. Reverb is the internal spring reverb. EQ and Tremolo used.

TwinR - Jazzy Clean Playing

Some relaxed playing with Sergio's Telecaster through TwinR with basic settings:

TwinR - Relaxed Telecaster

Available NOW on

Launch MSRP 29.99$ (or less if you have webshop credits available in your wallet).