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Yes it's a hell of a cable-loom, all those ins and outs...but that will likely come with the recorder, if he's lucky.

It's all part of the character-building buy-in to the way around it.

Digital is gonna look so uncomplicated and pristine by comparison...analog 1" or 2" is like parking a Mack truck in your studio

Oh....and you think those 2 washing machine motors are going to run silently while you record and mix ?....think again !

If you've ever been unnerved by the sound of computer fans or hard drives...this mechanical noise is on a whole other level.
For sure, I actually enjoy all the wiring and head scratching, it's extremely satisfying when you get it all up and running.

I'm not so keen on all the noise, but it's not too bad once you teach your brain to filter it out.
Having said that I am including a machine room in the studio I'm building right now.... what a luxury!