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MPC Feature Requests list (online)

Hello world, my first post here,

I read this long thread for a few weeks now and I can say that it is very active. At first, I would like to thank you all, for your advices, your thoughts and the good mood that hovers all the messages. Secondly, thank you Akai for improving the MPC. I'm sure the upcoming 2.4 would be great for all, as 2.3 was.

Before bying a MPC Live, I checked all the pros and cons. So I began to write a document that includes all the feature requests (FR) I would like to appear. Then I receive the device and I continue. Each time I found something not ergonomic, absurd or a miss, I write it. I noticed that many of the community FR (Akai Ideas, Gearslutz, MPC-Samples forum) were gathered into the document.

So maybe it's time to gather a lot of feature requests?

For the moment, I wrote +150 FR in a .doc format and I would like to share it with you.

Be aware that it is not a compilation of users FR quoted in all forums but just features that I want to be implemented. But finally, it's very similar. So don't blame me if there is not your favourite FR.

The idea would be to add FR in an online document (everyone could mark the URL as favourite in his internet browser) and in order to remain as clean as possible, I prefer to be the admin of the document and gradually implement ideas, corrections and features by myself. But don't forget that anyone can add comments in the document itself. I will not fail to become acquainted with

The best thing would be that Akai (maybe through the help of Dan) ends to read the well-organised document and take it into consideration. But for the moment, it needs some improvements.

The document is divided in many parts :
- General
- Browser
- Edition
- Automation
- Navigation
- Pad perform
- Mute/solo
- Clip program
- Sampler/looper
- Audio tracks
- MIDI program
- MIDI control
- MIDI learn
- Song
- Colors
- Effects
- Plugins
- Software

For the moment, it's a little messy, but I'll try to make things clearer with an example to defend each FR. Don't hesitate to participate, to give your opinion by any mean (maybe a category is not relevant? just say it and offer something instead; something's not very clear? just tell me and I will reformulate; maybe you can also provide a better way to organise and share these things?). Just leave any comment that may be relevant (in the document itself or via Gearslutz to share with more people).

Here is the link : MPC feature requests - Google Docs

I'm not intending to replace Akai ideas place, the main purpose is just to provide a document that gathers good (and organised) ideas to improve the MPC workflow, hence the everyday life users.

Thank you very much for reading this and have a great day (here in Nice - France - it's super weird, kind of summer day followed by 3 months of rain in one hour, with a lot of hail).

PS : please apologize if what I wrote is not very clear (I'm French).

EDIT : I also made a thread on MPC-Samples forum Akai MPC Forums - MPC Feature Requests list (online) : MPC X & MPC Live