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Most analog consoles sounds good when in red (and often also sounds good when not in the red), daws just never sounds like anything, except for what you feed it with, and then some jitter, truncation, fan noise and stuff.
Which analog consoles are these?

On newer SSL's when you are in the red it sounds like SH*t!!!

On the older SSL's it sounds like a big headache.

Older Neve's have a lot of headroom but when you are in the red there is no 2 track recorder analog or digital in the world that won't distort when you try to record this signal.

On other consoles you may not notice it as much on one channel but you add the distortion together on different channels and your mix will sound small with no bass.

Mixerguy is right.

If you can't get the gain structure right in analog right there is no way you will get it right in digital and vice versa. Remember the ideal setting on a fader is zero. They were designed to blend the signals not change gain structure. That's what the trims on the consoles are for. Its engineering 101.