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I am starting to think the best solution for @ Rec_Eng 's parameters is either the Sennheiser 8020 with MZL cables or, at higher cost, Schoeps CCM 2.

These are pretty nice mics to use under arguably compromised conditions. But it seems likely either would allow use with the lid closed. DPA 4006C seems a little large in comparison. Ditto with the lesser 2006C.

Of course, the DPA 4060 gets the job done and this is very likely where I will end up for a permanent install inside the piano (and for occasional use as boundary mics on location).

@ XKAudio I agree a ribbon just outside the piano can yield nice results. I sometimes used a 4038 to add some weight and smoothness to a pair of SDCs on piano, and now use a R44C for the same purpose when I go with that approach.